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Smaller Engines Report from Castrol

With the need to continually improve vehicle fuel economy while delivering high performance, manufacturers are making engines smaller while incorporating technology to deliver high levels of horsepower.  Recent EPA data confirms this trend as highlighted in the following graphs:

Source- EPA Report. Light-Duty Automotive Technology, Carbon Dioxide Emissions and Fuel Economy Trends 1975-2015

The data shows that horsepower continues to climb, while engine displacement - or size - gets smaller.  Today, even three-cylinder engines are beginning to be sold in the US.  These newer engines are delivering incredible levels of performance as evidenced by the graph showing the average 0-60 mph ratings of vehicles sold over the past 20 years.  In summary, the average specific power of passenger car engines continues to increase.

Higher specific power or horsepower/liter is a direct reflection of the increased operating intensity of the engine.  These engines demand a strong motor oil to counteract the temperatures and pressures that are found in high-performance engine designs.  While all of Castrol’s premium engine oils are designed to meet these challenges, Castrol® EDGE® has been formulated with patented titanium technology.  It is specifically designed to be Castrol’s strongest oil ever, capable of responding to the higher pressures and temperatures imposed on motor oil by modern engine designs.