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Motor Oil Matters

Motor Oil Matters is a recently developed program by the American Petroleum Institute (API). The goal of Motor Oil Matters is to ensure that drivers are always getting the right motor oil for their vehicles. 

API has established a motor oil chain of custody that ensures distributors are able to identify and certify the oil they are delivering is the correct oil for customers’ vehicles. API will certify motor oil distributors and oil change locations and identify businesses that meet the required standards. Customers that go to a Motor Oil Matters-licensed location can feel confident that the oil they are receiving is from an industry-trusted provider. They will see the Motor Oil Matters seal of approval and will also get a written receipt with the oil brand name, viscosity and performance level of the oil installed.

Castrol has always supported and followed the guidelines set forth by the American Petroleum Institute. Castrol supports the Motor Oil Matters program because it ensures that our customers are getting the high-quality Castrol oil products that our customers request and demand.

For more information about Motor Oil Matters, you can visit the API web site ( or the Motor Oil Matters web site (