New EPA Requirements + Section 609

What You Need to Know about the New EPA Restrictions and Section 609

At January Chapter Meetings, Ken Zanders discussed the new EPA Restrictions for the Purchasing and Handling of Refrigerants, and addressed some key questions. Complying with the new requirements is relatively easy, so be sure you're compliant.

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What are the new purchase and sales requirements?  Most of these requirements fall to the seller of refrigerants. Be sure to maintain good records of your purchases. Find more information in the presentation links.

Is my certification lifetime?  Yes it is! But you need to have a copy of your certification to purchase refrigerant.

How can I easily get yf1234 certification? ASE and MACS are the best ways to obtain this certification. It can easily be done online or via a paper test.

Does my equipment need to be registered in the State of Illinois?  Not for the State, but it does need to be registered with the national EPA. See pages 6-7 of the presentation for more information.

What are potential fines for clean air act violations?  Fines are steep, and per violation. For more information, click through the link on page 8 of the presentation.