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Castrol Resources & Benefits for Members!

ASA Illinois is proud to partner with Castrol to offer our members unprecedented prices on Castrol oil and valuable resources for our members!

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Exciting Benefit for ASA Illinois Members! This Unprecedented Offer is Now Available Exclusively for Our Members!

ASA Illinois is excited to offer this great new benefit to our valued members! ASA has partnered with Castrol to provide our members with a unique and complete motor oil solution.

By leveraging the buying power of ASA Illinois, Castrol is able to offer the #1 "pulled from the shelf" motor oil with an aggressive pricing program that makes these top-rated products an affordable value for ASA-Illinois members! Castrol and its local distributor, Parent Petroleum, are offering our members a complete program designed to help increase your profitability and drive new business to your service repair shop! Castrol offers a range of advanced motor oils including synthetic, synthetic blend, high mileage, conventional and diesel oils. The savings most shops will realize will more than cover their annual association dues!

Being an ASA-Illinois member will provide you with a 20% cost savings on many Castrol products, including the newly-launched Castrol Magnatec full synthetic motor oil for as low as $2.97 per quart! Magnatec is licensed and approved for Dexos 1. For complete program and pricing details contact Christina Scala at the email of phone number below.

To take advantage of this special offer contact Christina Scala at 312.221.2143 or [email protected]